With Prof. Pawel Maciejko discussing Rav Yonason Eybeschutz and the “Emden – Eybeschutz” controversy.

With Prof. Pawel Maciejko (associate professor of history and Leonard and Helen R. Stulman chair of Classical Jewish Religion, Thought, and Culture at Johns Hopkins University) discussing Rav Yonason Eybeschutz and the “Emden-Eybeschutz” controversy, and Prof. Maciejko's forthcoming book on the topic.
We discuss Rav Yaakov Emde, Rav Yonason's censored edition of Mesechtas Berachos, the amulets (“kameya”), other rabbinical opposition (Pnei Yehoshua, Noda B'Yehuda), and more 

To purchase his book, “Sabbatian Heresy” (a collection of translated sources about sabbatiansim):

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