With Rav Aaron Lopiansky discussing his (Hebrew) Seforim & Rishonim

With Rav Aaron Lopiansky (R'Y Yeshiva of Greater Washington, Tiferes Gedalyahu in Silver Spring, Maryland) discussing his (Hebrew) Seforim & the Rishonim.

We discussed his Siddur Aliyos Eliyahu and what went into it; Tefillah L'Moshe on Siddur (collection of Pirushei Rishonim) and what went into it, why he compiled & published it; Sefer Yesodei HaTorah Al Hatorah & Yesodei HaNevi'im on Nevi'im Rishonim, what went into compiling & publishing them, which Rishonim were included, the Mailos of learning Rishonim, and much more.

To purchase Siddur Aliyos Eliyahu: https://www.eshelpublications.com/store/p5/Siddur_Aliyos_Eliyahu_w%2F_Masores_Hatefilla.html

To purchase Tefillah L'Moshe: https://www.eshelpublications.com/store/p8/Tefillah_Le%27Moshe_-_2_Volume_Set.html

To purchase Yesodei HaTorah: https://www.eshelpublications.com/store/p3/Yesodei_Hatorah_2_Volume_Set.html

To purchase Yesodei HaNevi'im: https://www.eshelpublications.com/store/p15/PRE-SALEYesodeiHaneviim.html

To purchase all the other Seforim: https://www.eshelpublications.com/

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