With Prof. Debra Kaplan discussing Charity and the Poor in Early Modern Germany (Worms, Frankfurt, AH”U: Altona-Hamburg-Wandsbeck)


With Prof. Debra Kaplan (Associate Professor of Jewish History at Bar-Ilan University and the Director of the Halpern Center at Bar-Ilan) discussing her new book, “The Patrons and their Poor: Jewish Community and Public Charity in Early Modern Germany”.

In particular the book focuses on Worms, Frankfurt, and AH”U (Altona-Hamburg-Wandsbeck). We discussed Pinkassim, Gabbai Tzedakah, Parnasim, chezkat kahal, residential & transient poor, various examples, and more. 

To purchase the book: https://www.upenn.edu/pennpress/book/16175.html

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