Introducing the Seforimchatter Blog

Why a blog? Isn’t the Seforimchatter Twitter feed useful enough as a platform for our goals, of posting new seforim and books?

Truth is, Twitter is a indeed a useful space to post news of the release of new books and seforim, but owing to its transient nature and the very short shelf life of its posts, combined with the near impossibility of searching, it does not make a great platform for posting reviews of these publications with any detail. It therefore seems approriate to expand the scope of Seforimchatter so that it can host a blog of short reviews in additon to serving as a repository of the tweets about new products as well as our in-depth podcasts series. 

This forum is intended to give more of a taste of the publications under review than one can get with just a small sampling of the pages that are typically tweeted out. What I envision here (at least initially) are small posts which will contain short reviews, either in the form of blurbs or bullet points and the like, containing impressions and opinions of some of the new releases which were tweeted about. To be clear, while these reviews will contain comments of interest to the history and subject matter of these works, the idea is to keep it informal and reader-friendly, so one should not expect classic full length (academic) book reviews.

Furthermore, another plus of adding a blog to Seforimchatter’s offerings is that I don’t intend to limit these reviews to only newly published books and seforim like with the Twitter posts. Therefore, this can be a place where readers may be notified about older publications, or to learn new things about older publications that they did not previously know.

We welcome participation of our readers, and anyone interested in contributing any such reviews should feel welcome to email me at:

As always, all questions, comments, and feedback are most welcome as well.

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