With R’ Elimelech Zweibel discussing Sefer Eim Labinah of Rav Yaakov Emden


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To listen to “Reid Bites” from Sruly Bornstein that discuss Sefer EimLaBinah:

1. https://app.daf-yomi.net/others/207100000

2. https://app.daf-yomi.net/others/181130000

3. https://app.daf-yomi.net/others/174270000

We discussed how R' Elimelech came across the manuscript, why it wasn't printed before, why the name “Eim LaBinah”, what the Sefer discusses, what is unique about the work, personal anecdotes of the Yaavetz in the sefer, how the work was edited, and more.

To view sample pictures of the Sefer: https://www.flipsnack.com/BFA57BA7C6F/-.html

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