With R’ Eliyahu Simcha Hellmann discussing Rav Yitzchak Dov Bamberger – The Wurzburger Rav (1807 – 1878) – and Kollel Achsanya Shel Torah


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NOTE: Discussion of the Wurzburger Rav begins at 41:20

With R' Eliyahu Simcha Hellmann ln discussing Rav Yitzchak Dov Bamberger, The Wurzburger Rav (1807 – 1878), and Kollel Achsanya Shel Torah

We discussed Kollel Achsanya Shel Torah, what the Kollel does and its mission, the Kollel's newsletter, publishing Seforim of German Gedolim, the Wurzburger Rav and his bio, his various Seforim, new edition of Meleches Shomayim on Sta”m published through the Kollel, Amirah L'Beis Yaakov, and more

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