With Rav Dovid Sackton discussing Rav Yitzchak Canpanton’s Sefer Darkei HaGemara (HaTalmud) and his new edition


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With Rav Dovid Sackton discussing Rav Yitzchak Canpanton's Sefer Darkei HaGemara (HaTalmud) and his new edition

We discussed a brief bio/background of Rav Yitzchak Canpanton, the Sefer Darkei HaGemara and what it is trying to do, introduction of the Sefer, the seven mehalchim, Rav Sackton's new edition, manuscript based on, commentary, Sefer Even Rishon of Rav Shmuel Valencia, and much more

To purchase Rav Sackton's new edition of Darkei HaGemara: https://www.feldheim.com/darchei-hagemara-hebrew-only

For Rav Sackton's various shiurim on Ramchal and Rav Yitzchak Canpanton: 


Way of Torah / דרך הקודש

7th machzor HEBREW

Link to entire folder:


9th machzor ENGLISH

Link to entire folder:


10th machzor HEBREW הגיון

Link to entire folder:


10th machzor HEBREW מליצה

Link to entire folder:


Rabbi Yitzchak Canpanton 

דרכי הגמרא

3rd machzor Hebrew


4th machzor English


5th machzor HEBREW


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