With Prof. Edwin Seroussi discussing Rav Yisrael Najara (1555 – 1625): Gaza’s most famous Rabbi, Poet, and Preacher


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We discussed Rav Yisrael's bio (when and where he was born, his grandfathers Rav Levi Najara and Rav Yisrael di Corial, his father Rav Moshe Najara, and more), travels in the Middle East, end of life and burial in Gaza, his connection with the Arizal and Rav Chaim Vital, infamous comments of Rav Chaim Vital in Sefer Chezyonos, his poetry and its beauty, where he learned to compose poetry from, the controversey over his poetry and using secular music and poetry as its source and the argument with Rav Menachem de Loznano, his famous Shabbos Zemer Kah Ribon, what made his poetry unique, other works, the brand new (forthcoming) volume of Najara's poetry edited by Prof. Seroussi and Prof. Tova Beeri, and much more.

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