With R’ Eli Simcha Hellmann discussing Rav Juspa Schammes (1604 – 1698) and his newly published Haggadah


To purchase a copy of my new edition of Sefer Toras Chaim on Maseches Avodah Zara (Includes a 15 page bio (with color scans of the originals), all the old Haskamos, the introduction of the Toras Chaim (d. 1632), and the introduction of his son & son-in-law. This all besides for the actual Sefer which has sources, notes, and many censored passages replaced for the 1st time since the 1734 edition) click here.

We discussed Rav Juspa's life, rebbeim, job as a schammes, his works, the haggadah, the story of the manuscript, and much more

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