With Rav Aharon Lopiansky discussing his new book for Yeshiva Bochurim (“Ben Yeshiva: A Pathway of Aliyah”)

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Rav Shlomo Leib Brevda was a world renowned ba’al mussar, public speaker and personal guide to countless students. Devoted talmid of some of the greatest Torah authorities of his time — including Rav Yechezkel Levenstein, the Chazon Ish and the Brisker Rav — he was instrumental in passing their wisdom on to the next generation. He also authored extensive commentaries on the writings of the Vilna Gaon and was considered a world authority on the Gra’s writings.

In this fascinating biography, we see the tremendous influence of the Mashgiach Reb Chatzkel, Rav Brevda’s own startling impact and his passionate commitment to truth. Overcoming the materialism that surrounded the society of his youth, he grew to such spiritual heights that one could easily have imagined him to have been born and raised in the mussar yeshivos of pre-war Europe. Now his life and teachings can inspire a new generation thirsting for the word of Hashem.

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> ON THIS EPISODE OF THE PODCAST we discussed why a book for Yeshiva Bochurim, how to balance writing such a book for a general audience, the “system”, B'Iyun, Bekius, learning with a chavrusah, mussar, chumash, halacha, niyonos of Yeshiva Yochurim (smoking, drinking, etc.), jealousy, outlets for bochurim (inlcuding history), who the book is meant for, and much more.

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